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Keeping your site up to date and functional is a vital part of online content marketing. Good web maintenance can boost the speed and efficiency of your website, improve user experience, and increase search engine rankings. If your website is suffering from downtime, poor search engine rankings or a sluggish user experience, you can choose to hire us. We are available 24/7 and will fix all of the problems affecting your business.

Web Maintenance Service

We scope, restructure, and maintain websites. Brought to you by your friendly professional web maintenance technician who will ensure that your website is always well-managed. We will send you a regular email reminder of your tasks we are carrying out—all while adding to the effectiveness and reach of your business or organisation.

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website maintenance

Website Maintenance

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Website maintenance is an essential part of keeping your website up to date and in good condition. If you want to put a certificate on your site that tells everyone you’re qualified for the trades, you’ll need to keep it in good shape! And if you know how hard it is today, then web maintenance services are exactly what you need. We have over four years of experience with all kinds of programs – from designing a logo to organising HTML code into functional lines. Hire us once, and we will take care of the rest!
















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With many of our packages, you’ll get weekly updates to your website, including theme and plugin updates. Website Maintenance Service by Rocket Webs is a company that provides website maintenance service for WordPress websites and more. We offer back up, security patches, and malware scans to help keep your site safe.

Website maintenance service and WordPress backups. If you’re running a business website, it’s time to get your site back on track with our website maintenance services. We’ll fix any problems that have been slowing down your site and also make sure your backup is up-to-date.

It’s just one of those days. You’re juggling a dozen projects with deadlines in the coming week. Suddenly, you find out that your website needs to be updated and maintained too! It sounds like an easy task at first—maybe take a few hours? Wrong! There are so many things on the site that need updating or fixing, it could take days to get everything done. And when there is an emergency situation involving your company’s website, time is precious—especially if it impacts revenue and/or sales numbers.

Before you know it, weeks have gone by without any updates being made. Your clients start getting frustrated because they can’t contact you about their orders anymore (since the contact form isn’t submitting), resulting in the potential loss of customers!

The story starts with a man typing away on his computer. He’s so focused, he doesn’t hear the sound of an approaching car. The car slams to a stop right behind him and two men jump out from either side of it, guns drawn. One yells at the man to freeze while they tie his hands together with duct tape before pushing him into the back seat of their vehicle and speeding off.

This scene is actually not for real-life but instead is playing on a TV screen being monitored by three technicians in what could be considered Mission Control central for all IT needs: one monitoring email servers, another looking after network activity and finally watching over web traffic from around the world as it passes through her station.

I learned the hard way that you can’t just plug a site into a new server and have it work. There are so many nitty-gritty details: setting up DNS, configuring Apache, installing all of your favourite plugins and themes, backup strategies. I thought I could handle it myself because my blog was small for a while. When I finally realised what needed to be done, there were too many things going wrong at once – all those settings that should have been taken care of during setup had been neglected in favour of other priorities. That’s when I called an expert who restored everything from backups without any downtime or hiccups on my blog.”

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