Terms & Conditions

Terms By Rocket

We layout the terms & conditions for our terms of service for website design and marketing. All related services also come under our terms of service. Please look through the terms before purchasing any of our web or marketing services.

Terms Of Service

All terms and conditions below are bespoke to Rocket Website Group (https://www.rocketwebs.co.uk) and should not be copied or plagiarised by any third party. Terms are final and we reserve the right to turn work away from any person, charity or business.


1: All work or projects will be subject to a £99 non-refundable deposit before any works are carried out.

2: Project time will be calculated in ‘working days’ … working days do not include bank holidays or weekends.


3: Any Copy-write claims against a website designed by us (https://www.rocketwebs.co.uk) is the sole responsibility of the end-user. Ie… the business or website owner. This refers to images, text and all content and is the responsibility of the end-user to make sure the finished website is Copy-write, royalty and plagiarism free.


If you want to cancel our hosting package or release a domain to move to another hosting company, there is a domain release fee of £49 per domain name. If more than one domain then it is £49 for the first domain, then £10 or an extra domain name.

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