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We answer some of the most common questions we get asked by current clients and also from new customer enquiries. Questions that need answering before you make the decision to hire a web designer, developer or SEO company.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been building websites for over a decade so we know what it takes to help your business go to another level and give you a website that you deserve and shows your company in a good light! Our websites are built to reflect your business and bring in new customers and we talk and guide you throughout the whole process.

This is dependant on your website project but prices start from just £9.99pm ranging to £59pm and can vary from just hosting to hosting with domain renewal and we also have maintenance packages that included a triple backup of your website

Again, this depends on the website and how many pages you require. A 5-page brochure style website will be less than a 15-page membership website and then you have more complicated and time resourceful websites for eCommerce for example.

Yes, all websites designed by us are built with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendliness in mind. We optimise your title tag, meta description, header tags and keywords to the very best possible industry standards.

All of our websites are built to be mobile-friendly. We check at the final stages of the design that all pages are fully optimised for all types of handheld mobile phone devices like Android and iPhone so that potential customers can view them on most phones without any issues.

We can build eCommerce websites of all sizes and product ranges. We can add inventories, categories and payment systems so that you have a fully functional eCommerce website. We can also help with marketing and add a newsletter service.

This can also obviously vary and is dependant on many factors especially the number of pages. A rough guide for a typical 5 to a 9-page website is 20 to 30 days for completion but we often build faster than that and having as much information, images and content helps speed up the process, although we can provide content and images if needed.

As a general rule, content is included in the price but the more you send the easier it is to produce a better quality website. It helps if you can provide a few sentences to start us off and really comes into its own when producing the About Us Page for your website.

Again, we can provide the images if needed. In fact, we have many memberships with the top royalty-free image providers in the world so have plenty to choose from. It is better if you can provide some photos of your work, team or office though, as it makes your website look more like a genuine business and brand!

Every industry is a possibility for us. We specialise in working for small to medium local service-based industries and niches but also have many large corporations as clients. All types of websites can be built for all types of clients and industries. We have the talent to work on small 1 page sites, right up to multi-page websites with hundreds of pages.

Yes, business emails are included. We can normally add up to 3 email addresses for free before charging. You can have any business email for your domain and included prefixes like ‘info’, ‘sales’ and ‘admin’ or just use your name if preferred.

We provide payment schedules to help you grow your business. Usually, we ask for a small non-refundable deposit to build the homepage. Then once totally happy with the homepage, we carry on building the rest of the website and only charge in stages depending on the size of the website like page content and the number of pages.

No, The whole point of a website is to bring you, more customers, online with trust factors and it would be contradictory if we acted differently to that! There is no need with the modern technology available today, to meet face to face at your place of work. We normally start off with a phone call and emails and if you have a more complicated project we can carry out Zoom meetings. We also carry out video audits for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes. With the result of the pandemic more and, more companies are working remotely including ourselves and in fact, we have found that our production levels have gone up massively as a result of working remotely.

Yes, we quite often discount against multiple pages and websites. For example, we discounted 50% for a regular client who wanted 10 websites building for a franchise project. We also have special offers on from time to time at Christmas and Black Friday for example!

It is quite often better to totally rebuild a new website. This is because it is usually more cost-effective and also many times the original website is built on a dysfunctional and aged web design platform. That being said, if your website is built on software that we use, we can tweak and make small redesign changes or like mentioned, we can totally redesign the website, even keeping the same text content if needed.

As well as UK customers, we have clients all over the world, especially in North America like the US and Canada and also in Australia. With the invention of video conferencing software like Zoom, the world is a much smaller place and because of our excellent reputation, clients often reach out to us from overseas!

Our main web design platform is WordPress. It is the most popular CMS system in the world and is very versatile. Google also loves it, so it is usually easier to rank your keywords with a Wordpres website. We also work with WooCommerce for eCommerce websites. Other platforms we use and build with are – Shopify, Duda, Squarespace, Magento, Webflow and HTML.

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